Monday, March 19, 2007

Official Agloco Company Release

Hi, I’m Brian Greenwald and I have been on the AGLOCO
development team since the launch of the website. I haven’t posted on this blog
before, but I asked if I could take a crack at it, since I feel that it should
be more interactive on a consistent basis. In reading previous posts, I’ve been
impressed with the way Members have been able to communicate with us en masse
(and vice versa) through this forum.

Still, I’d like to kick things up a notch and make this blog a better, more
interactive medium. Naturally, things are quite hectic in the beta phase, so I
don’t expect I’ll get to every question you have (basic questions regarding
Member support issues and the like should still be directed to,
but I’ll try to hit the big issues. Capiche? Capiche.Here are a few general
updates of interest based on comments I’ve seen on this blog and throughout the

Viewbar: I don’t work on the Viewbar team, but I know they are working hard
on it. It is still 6 to 8 weeks off, though laying out an exact date at this
point would require too much guesswork. I will try to give a steady update on
the Viewbar, as many Members seem to be eagerly awaiting it.Servers: As noted in
a comment we made in our previous blog post, we added servers to improve website
performance and that caused a glitch on Friday and Saturday. Things seem to be
working fine right now.

Hotmail: Things have been touch and go with email to hotmail. Despite our
efforts, they still put our verification emails in their junk mail folders (we
note this on the verification signup page, but not everyone sees that). Other
websites have had this problem with hotmail as well. In fact, the Wordpress blog
site has so much trouble with Hotmail they will not let their Members use it.
We’re continuing to work on this.

Referral ID Rumors: Looking around the web, I’ve noticed that there has
been a rumor that we lose Referral ID numbers when new Members surf our site
before signing in (the person saying this noted we do not use cookies to track
referral IDs). This is false. We do NOT lose ID numbers when new Members surf
around our site before signing up. Our system DOES keep track of them. As far as
our testers know, there are only two ways the referral ID will be let go:

1) If the person closes their browser or
2) If they are inactive with their browser for 30 minutesMore news soon.

Thoughts and comments? Happy to hear ‘em.Brian "

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