Monday, March 19, 2007

The History of Agloco

If you have any doubt that Agloco has huge potential and that it will be a tremendous success, perhaps by looking at its history you will be convinced that this is an opportunity not to be missed. Agloco is actually version 2.0 of That is right, the exact same concept and business model that Agloco is proposing now has already been tested with AllAdvantage.

The Story of AllAdvantage

Founded in 1999 by the same group of people that have now created Agloco, AllAdvantage became very successful in a very short period of time. Members went as far as putting ads on their cars in order to recruit new members as shown in the picture below:

More than 10 million people signed up with AllAdvantage and it quickly became one of the most visited web sites. The early members and top recruiters made a lot of money. John Chow, a successful recruiter was interviewed by the Canadian newspaper The Globe:

Special to The Globe and Mail
Friday, June 9, 2000

Like millions of Canadians, Vancouverite John Chow spends a lot of time surfing the Web. But unlike many others, he gets paid to do it.

Mr. Chow belongs to Hayward, Calif.-based AllAdvantage Inc., one of the largest of more than a dozen so-called “get-paid-to-surf-the-Web” services in the United States, which pay members 20 to 50 cents (U.S.) for every hour they spend on the Internet.

For Mr. Chow, one of thousands of Canadians who have signed on, it’s been lucrative. Since joining in November, he’s made nearly $13,000 (Canadian) — representing about a quarter of his income. “I could make this my biggest income source if I really wanted to,” says Mr. Chow, whose real job is to run The Tech Zone, a Web site that reviews computer hardware.

Other members made also made good money, as shown by the checks below:

AllAdvantage paid more than $120 million to its members, and was ready to do a public offering in early 2000. That is when the dot-com bubble busted. Suddenly investors fled the internet market and the money dried up. AllAdvantage did not anticipate running out of cash as the IPO would provide plenty of cash to finance the fast growth of the company. But when the opportunity to do an IPO suddenly disappeared due to the market crash, AllAdvantage was unable to maintain its cash flow and had to close its doors. It was a painful but valuable lesson for the young entrepreneurs that founded the company. The internet was still young and many promising dot-com companies got caught in the excitement of the time, just like everyone else.

Six years later, AllAdvantage is back, now in the form of Agloco. The people that founded the original company understand that what lead to the demise of AllAdvantage is not that it did not have the right business model. It simply wasn’t prepared to deal with the lack of cash that came as a result of an unexpected stock market crash. But now the same founders are back, and they are much wiser. This time they are much better prepared to deal with the cash flow needs of Agloco, and will reward its members not only with cash, but also with stocks. This will give them the flexibility required to better manage the company’s cash flow.

You have the opportunity of a lifetime right now to become an early member of this tremendous business model which has already proven itself once. Remember that AllAdvantage paid $120 million to its members, and Agloco will most likely pay a lot more. Don’t miss this opportunity. Sign up now, invite your friends and build your network while the return of AllAdvantage is still not very well publicized and it is easy to sign up new members.

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